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Improved lives and communities through adult and alternative education.


To advance and promote adult and alternative education, its educators, students and partners.


  • Goal One – Knowledge Sharing & Networking: Provide, promote and coordinate professional development opportunities in collaboration with local, state and regional partners.

  • Goal Two – Member Promotion & Communication: Promote best practices in college, career and choice readiness and English language proficiency and encourage the exchange of ideas and information.

  • Goal Three – Advocacy & Awareness: Advocate adult and alternative education.

  • Goal Four – Organization Development: Build membership and sustainable revenue streams.



The North Dakota Association for Lifelong Learning (NDALL) was formed in 2005 for the purpose of promoting and encouraging lifelong learning for all North Dakota citizens.


Prior to the establishment of NDALL, the organization was known as the North Dakota Association of Adult Basic & Secondary Education (NDABSE). NDABSE held the first annual fall training seminar at Lake Metigoshe in August 1993. An ad hoc committee was established to explore the feasibility of surveying the membership and drafting a set of bylaws for the grassroots organization. In the spring of 1994, association by-laws were approved through a mail vote. During the summer of 1994, volunteers in each of the eight regions were asked to hold a regional election of a representative to serve on the executive board. In May of 1995, NDABSE officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization in North Dakota.


NDABSE continued as the official association of adult educators until May of 2005 when 21st Century Learning Centers (CLC), Evenstart, and Title III were asked to join the fall conference and discussion began about expanding the organization and changing the name. The name change to NDALL became official at the fall conference meeting in 2005. In the spring of 2010, CLC officially withdrew from the NDALL to join another organization, and the by-laws were re-written to accommodate only adult educators. NDALL expanded to include alternative education in 2012.

Association Documents


Strategic Plan

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