NDALL Members

Adult Education Centers

Lori Gibson

Bismarck Adult Learning Center

City: Bismarck

Contact: 701-323-4530

Terry Bohan

Grand Forks Adult Learning Center

City: Grand Forks

Contact: 701-795-2777

Dr. Penny Veit-Hetletved

ND Department of Corrections

City: Bismarck

Contact: 701-328-6707

Sandy Richter

Dakota Women's Correctional Rehab Center

City: New England

Contact: 701-579-5100

Beth Hurt

Dickinson Adult Learning Center

City: Dickinson

Contact: 701-456-0008

Bridget Hanlan

Lake Region State College

City: Devils Lake

Contact: 701-662-1568

Darrick Bopp

Valley City Adult Learning Center

City: Valley City

Contact: 701-845-0256

Jennifer Frueh

Fargo Adult Learning Center

City: Fargo

Contact: 701-446-2806

Jennifer Kraft

Minot Adult Learning Center

City: Minot

Contact: 701-857-4498

Amanda Piesik

Williston Adult Learning Center

City: Williston

Contact: 701-774-4221

Alternative High Schools

Perry Just

Brave Center Academy

City: Mandan

Contact: 701-751-6525

David Burkman

Fargo Woodrow Wilson High School

City: Fargo

Contact: 701-446-2805

Joe Kalvoda

South Central High School

City: Bismarck

Contact: 701-323-4520

Jason Germundson

Del Easton Alternative School

City: Willison 

Contact: 701-572-0967

Terry Bohan

Grand Forks Community High School

City: Grand Forks

Contact: 701-795-2777

Thomas Gravel

West Fargo Community High School

City: West Fargo

Contact: 701-356-2008

Christa Brodina

Devils Lake Public School

City: Devils Lake

Contact: 701-662-7650

Brian Aufforth

Souris River Campus

City: Minot

Contact: 701-857-4496

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